Ayurvedic Medicines

Single Herb

Each herb has own medicinal quality. These herbs help strengthen the Immune system, have anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar, and cholesterol level, have beneficial effects in skin, hair and joint care, weight management, diabetes and other respiratory problems. The ample health issues like mental stress, vitality, hormonal imbalance etc. will surely receive their remedies in the herbal powders.

Ayursun Pharma is manufacturing a large range of medicines keeping in mind the Single herb quality That Fit the Scale of International Standards. Such As – Arjuna Capsule, Ashwagandha Capsule, Brahmi Capsule, Gokhru Capsule, Guduchi Capsule, Haridra Capsule , Kapikachhu Capsule, Karela Capsule, Lasun Capsule, Manjistha Capsule, Gudmar Capsule, Neem Capsule, Tagar Capsule, Trikatu Capsule, Trifla Capsule, Tulasi Capsule, Vasaka Capsule, Vidarikand Capsule, Yastimadhu Capsule, Mamejak Capsule, Haritaki Capsule, Bibhitak Capsule, Amalaki Capsule, Punarnava Capsule, Satavari Capsule Etc.

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