Ayurvedic Medicines

Kashayam Division

Ayursun pharma is one of the leading companies in Pan India. We are GMP & ISO certified manufacturers of Ayurvedic patent & classical (shastrokta) medicines and Kashayam. Kashayam also Kasayam is a widely used form of dosage in Ayurveda and does not denote any one particular Ayurvedic medicine, but a generic term for various types of medicinal tea in Ayurveda. Kashayam refers to a water decoction or water extract of a single herb or group of herbs and can be used for ailments like indigestion, cough and the common cold, etc. It is an ancient form of medicine that has been used for a long time. Many are very bitter in taste and the liquid is dark in color. It is mainly used by South-Indian and Bengali families.

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