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AYURSUN PHARMA has created its name for its unique Ayurvedic Medicine not only in INDIA but in many other developed countries globally. We are not only the manufactures of Ayurvedic products but also have a facility of Third Party manufacturing with the help of our efficient Production Team. The Company holds good standards in terms of the Packing of products, Quality control, Timely dispatches, Standard Terms of Dealing, Timely Response to changes in the market trends etc. We believe that effective implementation of these points would provide you a professional satisfaction that you may be looking for. TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURING
  • The products which you wish to be manufactured by us and Loan / marketed by you needs to be registered for which a Registration fee is charged by the Govt. authorities. These charges are to be borne by you.
  • You have to give the formulation [composition] of the product and we will inform you the rates for the same. These rates vary from product to product.
  • The minimum quantity to be manufactured in Complete Batch Only. After Receiving Advance Company Supply Goods Within 15 to 20 days
  • In case of tablet the MINIMUM Batch is of 100000 [one lac] tablets / capsules and for syrup preparation is 500 liters. [for example 100 ml bottles =5000 bottles],Oil preparation 200 Litres and ointment 200 kg.
  • All cost like Bottle cost, cap, label, Outer cartoon strip cost, cylinder charges, packing materials etc are to be borne by the party.
  • 70% value of the estimated cost of the product batch is to be deposited advance in the company’s account and at the time of finalization of the order dispatch rest 30% deposit in company’s account. The party will be informed about the completion of the job work immediately so that the goods can be booked in the Transport of your choice on to pay basis only.
  • It is advisable to have the inspection of the goods by the party after completion of the job work.
  • The Rates given for the Third Party Manufacturing is for regular job work only and not for ONE TIME. Rate of the products should be change time to time as per Raw Material Rate but Rate may apply for 6 month period.
    • GST Certificate
    • Once the goods are carefully checked, packed and handed ever to the transport. We do not take any responsibility, Pilferage’s leakage’s etc., and the goods are booked at consignee’s risk and responsibility.
    • FREGHT: The Freight is to be borne by the party ONLY.
  • JURISDICTION: All transaction subject to Surat Jurisdiction Only. In token of your acceptance or this agreement please sign and put seal on the copy and send us retaining the original with you.
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