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    Immunosun tablet is an herbal tablet from Ayursun Pharma Company that effectively strengthens the immune systems and prevents recurrence of infections. Reduces the duration of antibiotic therapy when co-prescribed, ensures faster recovery from infections. it is an ideal medication that helps in viral infection RTI, UTI pyrexia of unknown origin, skin and soft tissue infections, ent infections, to boost up immunity in all types of immune-suppressive disease.


ENT infections, Pyrexia of unknown origin, RTI, Skin and soft tissue infections, To boost up immunity in all type of immun suppressive disease, UTI, Viral Infection


Ashwangandha 50mg, Gau Piyush (Cow First Milk Powder) 400mg


1 to 2 capsule 3 times a day after meals with milk or as directed by physician

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Available at all chemists in packs of 10 x 10 caps.