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    Ayursun Mansi Syrup is an herbal syrup from Ayursun Pharma Company that is As a Memory Booster Containing the goodness of Brahmi and Shankhapushpi in every drop, Patients with senile dementia shovel remarkable improvement, Useful in sleep disturbances, motor-sensory weakness, Drug for anxiety, depression, and in cerebral function, Whereas partial improvement was recorded in recent memory, past memory, speech, and gait.


Anxiety ad stress during examinations., Brain fatigue syndrome, Lack of concentration and attention., Natural tranquilizer., Restlessness irritability., Weak memory and poor grasping ability


Ashwagandha…700mg, Brahmi…700mg, Jatamansi…700mg, Sankhpushpi…700mg, Satawari…700mg, Vacha…200mg


Adult: two tea spoon twice a day,, Children: one teaspoonful twice a day

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Packing: Mansi Syrup is available at all chemists in packs of 200ml packs.